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What to expect from an Ava Gold pedicure

A traditional pedicure begins with a foot bath where your feet are soaked and cleansed in warm scented water to soften the skin. Our exfoliating rub with salts or minerals will slough off dead skin.  Your pedicurist will also remove your cuticles and cut and shape your toenails. Cream and aromatherapy oils are massaged into your feet to refresh and soften your skin. Then a high quality toenail polish will be applied at the end of your pedicure.

A good pedicure will result in your feet looking good as well as feeling fantastic. You should want to show off your tootsies and make rash promises to yourself about how much better you’ll take care of your feet in future!  

  • Choice of footwear is crucial. You don't want to have to push newly high-gloss finished toenails into socks and shoes for your travel home. Spa-standard nail polish may take up to 9 hours to dry completely (unless you're having a gel polish pedicure, which dries instantly). Whatever your feet arrive in, we recommend that you have flip-flops or open sandals to wear afterwards. 

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